Saturday, September 20, 2014

I really need to catch up :P

Firstly, a photo of me in full old school sweet lolita, sans makeup...I have decided that the lace on the dress was of horrible quality and I have ordered lace from taobao which I will replace it with. Will take time and patience... :/

Next, I introduce the doll I had acquired from my trip to Australia. I got her in The Lace Shop in Olinda Falls <3
Her name is Isabella Jennifer Rose :) I made her petticoats (2 layers of tulle and a layer of stiff cotton) and sock toppers.

And I've also decided to make an (incomplete) inventory of my accessories. I've made a few new ones since then though, and I've missed some of the Gothic jewellery I have so I'd do a part 2 for this!

White lace gloves, rose clips (both from Accessorize) and an old Madonna-esque lace glove from Dolphin

Star clips. I wear the blue ones occasionally to school, but they're mostly for fairy kei. I have since taking the photos bought another pair in light pink.

From left to right, top to bottom: White shell bracelet from Spain, polymer clay bracelet from Spain, shell and stone bracelet from Spain again, and charm bracelet from Korea.

Handmade bows for school :)

Ribbon brooch that came as a gift from one of the Taobao sellers.

Handmade rose clip, the gold chain with the black heart is a gift from a Taobao seller, the water drop necklace is handmade and the Gothic rose necklace is from Taiwan.

Both handmade :) white for casual lolita and turquoise for fairy kei.

These are for casual use/fairy kei. Sparkly scrunchies!

Fluffy chocomint-esque clip! Handmade. 

Underwear from Spain that are too cute to wear >_<
I've also made a skirt! It was all hand-sewn so I'm pretty proud of it. It took me a mere 3 days! I will be making a tutorial for it because a couple girls on facebook have been asking me if I followed a tutorial.

It's a little plain for now. I'll be adding lace to it when my taobao order arrives next week.

I will post my Ani-Com (sorta like Comicon over here) haul later, although it isn't much :P the stuff was maddeningly expensive for a 15 year old kid.

My mother is still really against lolita and fairy kei - she's convinced that I'd get sexually harassed. Also she whines about it not being acceptable for society's standards - since when was anything acceptable by society's standards? *rolls eyes*

I have been almost gone on this blog but I'd really like to start it again so I might be posting more :)
On my list are a tutorial for a rectangular skirt, a showcasing of my cooking (I have acquired some cooking skills in Australia) and...I don't know! More reviews and recommendations? :D


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