Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Online Shopping!

Hi all my lovelies!

I'm getting an order through Taobao! Sweet Dolphin helped me order a dress, a petti and a pair of shoes!
They're really cheap and it's my first time ordering online though, so I don't know if the quality is any good. :/
Here are the items:
Dress from 'Cinderella' (that's what was on the watermark as I'm not really sure about an English name)
I ordered it in a size Small (it would be a little long for me but that fit my bust and waist measurements)

Petticoat from Classical Puppets, which I'm sure most Lolis know well, they get pretty good reviews.
I ordered it in white :)

Shoes from Mei Ling Distribution, in a size 39 in white (yea I know I have huge feet ^_^)

I can't wait, I'm so excited! They should be here at the beginning of May (we will be having Easter holidays after Thursday anyways.)

Also, three gifs that I just can't get over: (I know the episode was a few weeks ago but really who cares? I don't watch it every week anyway. I just bothered to for the two celebratory episodes.)
Britt twerking!
I just love it when Brittana dances.
And this. Ahhh. *squealing*

Also: How the hell did Heather get such a good body like a month after giving birth? Does she work out 24/7 or what? I wish I could have a figure like that...

I apologize for this abrupt ending, I must go and fangirl over Brittana now. ;)



  1. I saw some real photos of dresses from this Cinderella brand and it looks really nice, I think you will be happy with their quality ^^

    1. Thanks! I can't find much about the brand online so I just decided to take a risk! I'm glad I made the right choice.
      I adore your blog by the way ^^